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US Elections 2020: Know the process of how the election of President in America happens

Washington DC: Presidential elections are going on in America. There are 50 provinces in America, the people of different provinces elect their representatives, which is called electoral. Their numbers vary by province. In these states, whoever gets more than half of the votes, all the seats of that state go into the winning party's court. In such a situation, whoever the presidential candidate is, he is more focused on those states, where the number of seats is more.

Going to the figures in the current election, there are 6 big states in the US, where Electrol plays a decisive role in electing the President.

According to Electrol, California is the largest province, there are 55 Electrols.

The popularity of Joe Biden is being shown more in the survey here. Talking about the second number in Texas, where there are 38 electoral.

Trump is also seen lagging here. New York and Florida have 29-29 electoral, the third-largest state.

Here too, Biden is seen beating the game. Pennsylvania and Illinois Province have 20-20 electrons.

Here too, look at the survey data, the popularity of the trump is less visible. If you add only the figures of these 6 states, then 191 seats are present, which is only 79 less than the 270 required for victory out of 538 electoral. If Biden manages to deliver his charm in these states, he will become the 46th President of America.

Who can become the President of America?

Every American citizen born in the United States who is at least 35 years old

Be a natural / born citizen of America and who has been living in America for at least 14 years

How is the enrollment done?

Actually, the American representatives decide who would be the President. American representatives are elected in the primaries.

What are primaries?

The primaries are an internal election of the Political Party of the USA. In this, the party members choose their candidate. Primaries are elected from January to June.

what is a caucus?

It has as much importance as primaries. In some states, the public selects a party representative through a 'caucus', not using voting in the primary round. Under the 'Caucus', party representatives are elected at the local level in the states. caucus means

a meeting of the members or leaders of a political party to choose representatives

The real battle begins after the primaries and caucus, which is called the National Convention.

What is the National Convention?

At the National Convention, each party decides the name of its candidate for the presidency. The President's candidate elects a candidate for the post of Vice President. But while becoming the most powerful President of the country, many important diversions still remain. The election of the presidential candidate comes after the National Convention. During the election campaign, victory is not considered as long as the swing states do not win the vote.

What is the swing states?

'Swing States' are states where voters can go to any party. The number of electors to be selected from here is the highest. Like 55 Electors come from California.

The day of voting comes after the election campaign. Voting day is also celebrated. In the US, it is a tradition to hold presidential elections after the first Monday of November every 4 years, ie on Tuesday. On this day, voting is held for the President and the Vice President. On this day, the American public elects 538 electoral. In this, the Electoral College stamps the name of any candidate who has 270 or more electoral in his favor.

In this way, the world's most powerful country gets its most powerful head.