Kamala Harris attacked far more through online misinformation than Pence: Report

A report has claimed that Kamala Harris, Democratic Vice-President candidate is being attacked through online misinformation four times more than her Republican rival Mike Pence.

The fake news regarding the Indian American includes that she is ineligible to run for the election or she was lying about Black and Indian background.

After getting vice-president ticket, Harris has been at the centre of online misinformation campaigns far more often four times as much than the white men who campaigned for the same job, a report from media intelligence firm Zignal Labs said as reported by news agency The Associated Press.

Jennifer Granston, head of insights at Zignal Labs, said Harris has been attacked much more on her personal identity, particularly as a woman of colour.

The firm found over 1 millions mentions of Harris since June on Twitter with hashtags or terms used to spread misinformation related to her.

It said about 300,000 of these mentions questions Harris's eligibility to serve as US president.

Harris's birth certificate confirms she was on October 20, 1964, in Oakland, California, indicating she being eligible to serve as either vice president or president.

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