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Internet User Alert: Never Search on These Things on Internet in 2023, As You Might Land in Trouble

GRDAJ 03.01.23:

Modern life is largely dependent on the Internet. We rely on the web world for any information we need on a day-to-day basis.

Search engines help us a lot to gather information quickly, but while we get to have the required info on our fingertips, little does anyone care where it has come from.

Information gets collected from various sources by the search engines. So, while we search everything on Google or any other search engine, when we search on some sensitive or questionable topics, it might land us in trouble. The government does keep a tab on searches on certain categories, which can cause significant problems for the searcher if monitored. Hence, here are some of the topics that one should actually avoid searching on Google or any other search engine.

Topics You Should Never Search on the Internet :

1. How To Make A Bomb? How To Make A Pressure Cooker Bomb?

Be ultra careful to keep your curiosity on check and never search on this topic, if you don't want to get into serious trouble with the police. The security services keep a hawk's eye on this search, and people searching on this will certainly get into deep trouble for being suspected terrorists.

2. Child Pornography

This is certainly a very sensitive and questionable search. Any sort pornography or any sexual content involving children is strictly prohibited and is a crime across the world. If someone is perverted enough to watch or download pornography that involves child abuse, then cops will get hold of that person for sure.

3. Criminal Activity Related Search

Any search related to any crimes may trigger serious trouble for people as the security services would pick it up as someone hatching a plan to commit crime. Hence, searches such as how to murder someone, how to make poison, or how to commit a crime without being suspected etc, will make the police come on your doorstep. Searches, especially repeated searches on topics related kidnapping, drugs or smuggling will certainly land you in deep trouble.

4. Abortion-Related Things/ How To Cause An Abortion

There are some other sensitive topics as well apart from crime, which are best avoided to be searched online. These include abortion, or how to cause a miscarriage or abortion. This is because there are strict medical guidelines about abortion in India, and it should be done only by a registered medical practitioner for the safety of the patient. Hence, any quackery or any loopholes are to be strictly avoided.

Google is certainly incredible handy for searching any sort of information, especially in the educational fields as it offers a plethora of information no matter what the topic. And it has made our lives so much easier and made the world smaller. However, everything good also has some negatives, and certain people are using the internet to search and educate themselves for doing no good to the world. Hence, authorities are striving hard to keep a tab on such miscreants and curb cyber crime. Hence, make sure you don't land up being suspected as such a miscreant and keep your search history clean of all sorts of web evil.