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@ Office of the Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman ;

U.S. Department of Homeland Security :

On behalf of ~ THE WORLD LEADERS FORUM / TWLF SOVEREIGN IGO, WORLD HQ, IRELAND we wish to thank the High Officials of CIS Ombudsman for the recent invitation to attend ~ '' Office of the Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman's Webinar Series: USCIS and CIS Ombudsman Joint Engagements on USCIS' Fiscal Challenges ''.

On behalf of the Governing Body ~ Governor General - HIM KING ARCHDUKE LORD MIP H.E. PROF. DR. SIR INTERNATIONAL JUDGE AND SOVEREIGN MARTIAL GENERAL CHOWDHURY, MOSHARAF HOSSAIN (KING OF KINGS AKA BIG BOSS) ATTENDED THE CONFERENCE. We are quite pleased to see the dept making great efforts towards positive work progress.

Our management also pleased to know about DHS(Dept Of Homeland Security) Has Secured the Nation's Election Systems, but Work Remains to Protect the Infrastructure.

DHS has improved coordination efforts to secure the Nation’s systems used for voting, but should take additional steps to protect the broader election infrastructure, which includes polling and voting locations and related storage facilities, among other things.

As the International Election Observer and also as a Sovereign IGO (Inter-governmental Organization) & Leading UN Specialized Agency we will continue to look forward to work closely with the DHS and all other important Govt depts to ensure fair elections in the near future time in the USA and rest of the world from now.

Once again we wish to thank US govt and Govt high officials for the recent invitations and also for your positive work progress.

To contact office of the governor general for further queries you may follow the web link shared here :

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