International Humanity Conference (IHC) GHANA on 26th – 27th September 2019-(GRDAJ)



The management of the Waheed Centre for Humanity and Humanitarian Development (WCHHD) humbly invite the general public to the third edition of the International Humanity Conference (IHC) Ghana 2019 on 26th – 27th September, 2019 at the Commonwealth Conference Hall, University of Ghana, Legon, Accra.

Founder:- Dr. Waheed Musah (Hafrikan Prince) Multi-Awards Wining Humanity & Humanitarian Scientist, Revolutionary Poet, Cultural, Community Development, Youth Empowerment, Tourism & Global Peace Activist Waheed Centre for Humanity and Humanitarian Development (WCHHD) established on 3rd October, 2014 as a think tank that provides comprehensive strategies and solutions to the most pressing problems facing Humanity in the 21st century and beyond, Protecting and Sustaining the Consciousness, Freedom, Dignity, and Integrity of Humanity Touching Lives, Transforming Societies, Uniting Nations Changing the World. The Centre is Affiliated and Associated to World Humanity Commission, United Nation Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA), National Commission on Culture (Ghana), Kiwanis Global Children Empowerment, Humanity Protection Trust (Nigeria), Global Research and Development Association for Journalists (India), International Council of Journalists (Ireland), Pentasi B World Friendship (Philippines), Vibe Consult, Nyameya Foundation, Quantum Ideas Ghana, Instituto Educando Para a Paz, World Academy of Literature, History, Art and Culture (Mexico), Humanitarian Order of the Southern Cross (OSC) (Australia), School of Martial Arts International (India), Citizens International School (Yeji), Human Right Council & Crime Intelligence Force (India), Journal of the World Royal Society, IOPSH, World Union of Poets, International Foundation for Friendship and Peace among Peoples (Egypt), Motivational Strip, World Humanitarian Organization for Peace and Equity, World University of Human Rights and Human Sciences, Pan African TV, Mission World Peace Human Right (Togo), Khidmat Foundation, Young World Leaders, International Human Rights Council, International Anti Terrorism Movement, National Human Right and Humanitarian Federation, Dynamic Peace Rescue Mission and many more working together to stimulate the growth of Global Peace, and harmony, creating a safer and a better world for the advancement of the human race against Social, Political, and Economic Intolerance for the transformation of Humanity.


motto :- “Uniting Nations, Changing the World”

Aims & Objectives

1. To build an organization that aims to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

2. To provide an International Platform where individuals and organizations can come together to network and share ideas on how to overcome the difficult challenges and problems facing the Human Race across the World.

3. To develop pragmatic solutions to solve the most pressing problems facing Humanity to make the World a Safer and Convenient place to live.

Inviting you all to the third edition of the IHC tagged International Humanity Conference (IHC) Ghana 2019

Theme: “Poverty Stricken Humanity, Our Fundamental Roles in Achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 1 (No Poverty) for a better world.

Venue: University of Ghana, Commonwealth Conference Hall, Legon.

Date: 26th to 27th September, 2019

#Free Entry Topics

1. “The Role of Women in Eradicating Poverty”

2. Education & Creative Art

Topic : – How Education and Creative Art Can Eradicate Poverty

3. Politics, Government & Diplomatic Partnership

Topic :- How Government and Diplomatic Partnership can Eradicate Poverty

4. Agriculture & Entrepreneurship

Topic :- How Agriculture and Entrepreneurship skill can Eradicate Poverty

5. Science and Technology

Topic :- How Science and Technology can Eradicate Poverty

6. “The Role of Youth in the eradication of poverty”

7. “The role of Traditional Leaders in the eradication of poverty”


The International Humanity Conference (IHC) is a developing global brand with a world mission to create a better world for all. We are glad you share this vision With Us!!!!!!!

God Richly Bless you

To Sponsor and to Partner give as a call or Whatsapp via +233240909959/+233263615252

Email: On 29th September, 2018 Ghana witnessed the first maiden edition of the International Humanity Conference (IHC) tagged: International Humanity Conference IHC Ghana 2018 with the theme: ” The Role of Global Partnership in achieving the UN – Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 4, 16 & 17). Hosted at the prestigious University of Ghana, the historic Commonwealth Conference Hall, legon, Accra, Ghana. IHC 2018 brought together eminent Diplomats, Delegates and Dignitaries from: The Philippines, India, Egypt, Nigeria, Lebanon, Zambia, Syria, and the Netherlands. Also National delegates from all the 10 regions of Ghana meet at the University under the above mission of IHC. November, 25th 2018 India also witnessed the second edition of the International Humanity Conference (IHC) tagged International Humanity Conference India 2018. Hosted at the Historic CIDCO public Hall, CIDCO exhibition Centre Vashi, Navi Mumbai under the auspices of Hon. Dr. Anil Nair, HPAW manager and Ambassador India Branch and the CEO of Consultancy India, attendance was India Movie Stars, Diplomats, Academia’s, Activists, Government officials, Miss UN, UN ambassadors, Celebrities, and among are International Delegates.

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