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Coronavirus vaccine behind rising heart attacks? Govt study to clear the confusion

GRDAJ Dec.31:

The Health Ministry has taken note of decreasing enthusiasm among the people regarding Coronavirus booster dose. It has received feedback from different forums - that people are apprehensive that the vaccine might harm them in various ways, with heart-attack being a major repurcussion.

Taking note of the feedback, the government has now asked ICMR to conduct a study to instill confidence among the people about the vaccine.

What is ICMR's new research of Covid's link with heart-attack?

The ICMR will collect the data of the people who suffered heart attack in the last 2 years; The research will check as to how many of these people were also infected by coronavirus; Whether these people had got vaccinated or not; and which vaccine and how many doses were given. On contrary, the experts believe that heart-attack patients especially need to take the vaccine. But due to Covid-19 virus, the risk of heart attack has increased in people.

According to Dr Ashok Seth, Chairman of Fortis Escorts Hospital, Covid is not only a respiratory disease, and, it can also increase the number of heart patient. In Covid, there may be inflammation in the arteries of the body - in such a situation, the muscles of the heart also become swollen.

Along with this, cases of blood clots have also been seen in people post-coronavirus infection. Coronavirus patients are asked to be careful for a month after their recovery. Such patients should avoid exercise immediately after recovering. They must opt for slow return to normal life.

History of severe cold and coronavirus disease can cause heart attack - be careful

According to a report from the Public Library of Science Journal, the chances of heart attack increase by 31% if Covid hits a person during winters.

This is because the veins shrink in cold weather, due to which the possibility of high blood pressure increases. The body activity slows down even during the sleeps. The Blood pressure and sugar level also come down, due to which the heart needs more oxygen. This pressure can cause a heart attack.

According to Dr. Aparna Jaswal, Cardiologist, Fortis Escorts Heart attack, the pictures of people getting heart attack while exercising in the gym or suddenly falling while walking has got them confused as to whether it is a side effect of Covid vaccine or something else - People are scared after the increase in heart attack cases especially among the fit looking people in the age group of 30 to 50 years.

If you feel pain in the chest then do this test

In such a situation, doctors are advising that only with simple ECG, blood test and echo it can be ascertained that there is no heart disease. So, people should not ignore the smallest signs. However, according to the government's data, only 9 people have died in India due to the side effects of the vaccine and the vaccine is not dangerous for anyone, while it claims that it is more